Saturday, 17 January 2009

Some of the best user created pub crawls so far

For years the BarCrawl website has provided a tool for users to create random pub crawls. A major overhaul of the site in the middle of 2008 added the ability for BarCrawl users to create and save their own custom pub crawls. A pub crawl can be created by finding pubs - interactively using a map or searching by text - and then adding the chosen watering holes to your crawl by clicking the 'Add To Crawl' button from the either the pub page or the map pop-up.

This has proven quite popular as you can see by the abundant user creations on this page. Some of these are well known pub crawls such as the Monopoly Pub Crawl or the Otley Run, some are clearly random but most look to have had some thought and effort put into them.

As you can see the pub crawls page is currently just one gigantic list of user created pub crawls. This can be broken down by city but needs work to present the data a bit more usefully, this will be done sometime soon. In the meantime we thought it would be good to list some of the interesting looking pub crawls created thus far:

More suggestions welcome!

New Feature: Click 'Show Route' on a pub crawls page to do route finding on a crawl and show the over all distance.


Anonymous said...

Is there a way of adding pubs manually to a crawl, I just tried a perfect crawl and ended up with loads of pubs I didn't want in it, I can easilly remove them, but I can't then add in pubs.

Is it also possible to have a few criteria for my crawl, ie. 'has garden', 'no children' and 'serves ales', etc..?

Barcrawl Barfly said...

There are 2 ways to add pubs to your currently open crawl:
1. click the orange 'Add To Crawl' button on a pubs page.
2. click 'Search Maps' (on the main navigation bar), zoom into the relevant location and click the 'Get Pubs for Selected Area' button. The map will then show all the pubs for the current location on the map as markers, when you click on one of these markers a speech bubble will pop-up with an 'Add To Crawl' link.

Adding criteria to the random crawl creator will be put in at some point in the future. The reason we didn't add it at the start is that it takes time for our users to update all the pub facility data.

Lucy said...

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John Barness said...

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