Sunday, 5 April 2009

Virtual Pubcrawls with StreetView

The new virtual pub crawl addition to BarCrawl has been released! Since Google released Street View support for cities in the UK we've been busy coding this into the site and now its here. Street View currently supports 25 cities in the uk, of which 22 we have covered in BarCrawl. So any pub crawls in those cities now have a new link where you can see the crawl virtually!

All you need to do is press the 'Crawl' button below the view to start moving along the crawl virtually. Some crawls work better than others - in fact some crawls won't work at all - with this feature due mainly to the fact that Google Street View doesn't cover all streets so some routes will take the nearest alternative. Some unexpected results may also occur if our pub locations aren't precise enough, we are continually updating this data. So please bear in mind this is still only a Beta feature!

Please note that if you wish to use the virtual crawl feature with a pub crawl you have created on BarCrawl then currently you have to save it first (which requires logging in). So the process is:
  • Create a pub crawl by finding and adding pubs (using a map or standard search).
  • Click on Your Crawl (right hand side orange box) at any time to edit your current crawl.
  • When you have finished editing your crawl click Save or Login/Join (joining is of course free) if you are not logged in.
  • Once you have saved your crawl you can then view the virtual crawl by clicking Your Account and following the link to your pub crawl. You can also find your pub crawl on the public Pub Crawls page.
Here's a couple of our favourites

Otley Run
Olde Oxford Crawl
The King Street Run

Leave a comment if you spot something a bit weird, there might be some things that we can tweak, to improve this.


David said...

Love the site - A LOT! But I really want to be able to hit a button to maximise the map and my crawl to screen-size. As it stands, it's too small.

Reckon it's achievable?

Kind regards

Barcrawl Barfly said...

Thanks David.

Yes it is possible and will be added to the very very long to do list ;¬)

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